WDE Rock Breakers

Heavy Duty & High Performance Rock Breakers for asphalt and concrete roads, pavements, paths, patios, drives and slabs

Hydraulic Rock Breakers

We offer a range of hydraulic rock breakers for machines of 0.8 to 40 tonnes. These breakers are manufactured to our specification from the best quality products. The hydraulic breaker is a modern alternative to pneumatic breakers for asphalt and concrete roads, pavements, paths, patios, drives and slabs.

The robust housing system provides excellent protection and class-leading tool diameters giving higher resistance to failures and improving wear rates.

For more information / enquiries regarding our WDE Hydraulic Rock Breakers, please Contact Wright Demolition Equipment. A member of our team is on hand and ready to help deal with your enquiry.

Rock Breakers for asphalt and concrete roads, pavements, paths, patios, drives and slabs


These heavy-duty hydraulic breakers combine high-performance and are designed and built to withstand the hardest breaking tasks.

As well as our WB range of hydraulic rock breakers (Wright Breaker) we now stock steels to suit other leading manufacturer’s types of breakers. These steels are manufactured from the best quality products and are offered at the most competitive prices possible.



Wright Engineering rock breakers are designed and manufactured to a total quality control concept, from the selection of optimum quality raw materials through intensive research and development procedures, and rigorous testing policy.

Each and every unit is also subject to simulated operational tests before receiving release authorisation from our fully automated “state of the art” factory.



WDE Rock Breakers are designed to cope with the tough conditions and demands of the hire market. We feel our comprehensive and unprecedented guarantee package reinforces not only our confidence in the product, but also our total commitment to you, the customer.

Exceptional value for money coupled with a multitude of unique features and guarantees means that you, the customer have the best of both worlds!



Our after sales service coupled with unprecedented guarantees are sure to impress you still further. We offer a rapid response after sales service which is geared to achieving consistent customer satisfaction by ensuring that your “Wright” rock breaker is always available to meet your vital productivity targets.