Demolition Tools

Wright Demolition Equipment have been offering services to quarrying & mining industry since 1987

Wright Demolition Equipment have been offering services to quarrying & mining industry since 1987. This includes a range of demolition tools and equipment for handheld and machine mounted hydraulic breakers suitable for excavators up to 50 tonnes. Whatever your demolition project, large or small, Wright Demolition Equipment can supply the best demolition tools for the job.

All products are manufactured using the most advanced equipment and automated systems available, making the Wright Demolition Equipment range perfect for the jobs in the toughest conditions and why customers choose us as a supplier. Comprehensive stocks mean we are able to offer competitively priced tools together with meeting customers’ demands on delivery.

For more information / enquiries regarding demolition tools, please Contact Wright Demolition Equipment. A member of our team is on hand and ready to help deal with your enquiry.


Concrete Splitters are handheld demolition devices that controllably split the material with the use of hydraulic pressure. This demolition tool is the tool of choice when larger conventional demolition devices are ruled-out due to dust, flying debris, vibration, noise and fumes.

A complete splitting unit can consist of one or more Splitters with high and low pressure hoses as well as a hydraulic power unit.



Wright Demolition Equipment Hydraulic power units are supplied with a variety of drive systems and are available for different applications and requirements. They can produce up to 50 MPa (500 bar) maximum system pressure.

The high-quality hydraulic hose sets are designed for tough operating conditions so we can supply the best combination for any job.



When it comes to getting a complete demolition project done the right way, there is only one machine for the job, the excavator. The excavator is the workhorse of most medium to large-scale demolition projects and are the preferred tool when it comes to the removal of structures, slabs, concrete footers, and debris.

Despite the countless models, the separating factor is the excavator’s weight, load capacity, max reach, and compatible attachments. We can supply excavators powerful enough to demolish the toughest structures.



Our after sales service coupled with unprecedented guarantees are sure to impress you still further. We offer a rapid response after sales service which is geared to achieving consistent customer satisfaction.